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In caring for infants between birth and 12 months, Kid’s Prep School concentrates not so much on teaching, but on providing a warm, nurturing environment. Our environment for infants provides interesting things to look at and do during waking hours. Although much of an infant's time is spent sleeping, being fed or diapered, there is still time to play, cuddle and enjoy learning about what it means to be alive. At Kids Prep School, we make the infant's world an interesting place. Most importantly, the child will develop a relationship with a warm, loving, responsive adult; a cherished caregiver. We ask that you please clearly label all of your child's belongings (bottles, baby food, clothes, etc.).



Our toddler rooms are among the best in the area. We know parents are looking for a quality program that also offers peace of mind that your children are in a safe, secure and loving environment. We recognize the importance of your child’s first two years of life. Their learning environment is casual, but a stimulating one. It is an environment in which your child will be introduced to colors, numbers, shapes, seasons, holidays, learning games and cooking experiences. In order to strengthen bonding and attachment, toddlers may spend two years with at least one of their teachers. Toddlers explore a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment, which strengthens the child’s quest for independence and self-confidence.



The Preschool Class focuses on Imagination. This word says it all! In all the activities; be it art, science, children's literature, movement, dramatic play, or blocks, the use of imagination will be dominant. We will encourage the children to explore and stretch their natural imagination and curiosity. We will help the children develop into eager learners by learning to recognize letters and numbers, shapes, sizes, colors and advanced topics including phonics. We concentrate on listening skills, following directions and pre-reading activities using visual and auditory skills. We do arts and crafts to develop fine motor skills and help the children develop the social skills of sharing, helping, listening, recognizing and practicing writing their own name. Computers are used with regular class programs utilizing software designed for preschool children to prepare them for the Kindergarten year ahead.



Our VPK classes are ran from 9:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. Our pre-school calendar runs with the Orange Public School Calendar. Our rates for pre-school are for those hours only. If you need some extra time, your child is welcome to stay for lunch and rest period, for an additional fee. At Kid’s Prep School we believe children learn best by doing. Children are encouraged to explore their rich classroom environment and learn from the hands on experiences they encounter day by day. We offer a teacher directed language-experience approach to a curriculum centered on topics especially chosen for the young child. Some of our daily lessons include, Heritage Studies, Science, English, Spanish, Math and Storytelling. We also include additional enforcement and enrichment activities in art, fine and gross motor skills.



We pick up at local public and charter schools!

We have a very active program for your school-aged child. Besides computer time, outdoor play, homework sessions, arts and crafts, and other special activities, we also make available extracurricular activities. Please register your child's school schedule with Kid's Prep School and inform us of any changes that may occur.

Ask us about our summer/winter/spring break camps!


The Creative Curriculum is a research-based curriculum that incorporates exploration and discovery as a way of learning, allowing children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills in a way that is catered to their unique and individual needs.

We believe children learn best by doing

Every month the children will be introduced to a different Thematic Unit.


Storybook Summer


Storybook Summer




Spring is Here






Taking Care of Our Body


Winter Fun


Celebrating Thanksgiving


Our Neighborhood


Getting to Know Each Other


From Summer Play to School Work


Thematic Unit

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